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Company Audit Services

Exchange Auditing Services Limited are registered to carry out audit work in the UK and ROI by Chartered Accountants Ireland and details about our audit registration can be viewed at under reference 3028234. Each audit is always managed by a senior partner who combines the professionalism of an experienced auditor with approachability, accessibility and affordability.

A number of corporate clients in Greater Belfast area and throughout Northern Ireland have become clients of Exchange Auditing Services after hiring larger firms, where it is common practice for less experienced staff to work on their company audits. This combination of accounting inexperience, lack of regulatory awareness and knowledge about the client’s business sector can lead to a poor level of detail within the audit accompanied by the higher charges of larger firms.

Exchange Auditing Services always assign a partner to work closely with the client, planning and agreeing an audit process that will ensure all the regulatory needs of the client and the specifics of their business  sector are addressed. Exchange Auditing also believes a company audit should be a useful and value adding service whether or not the audit is required by statute.

Our audits use a ‘risk-based’ perspective, concentrating on key areas that we have identified through our audit planning exercise and from our knowledge of the client. This keeps audit costs to a minimum, whilst adding value to the business.

As one of the top medium sized company audit firms in Northern Ireland we’re confident our auditing services can suit your need.

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