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Benefits of ero

Your cashflow in real-time

Xero has lots of time-saving tools to free up your time to help you do what you do best, grow your business and our Xero Certified team are here to support you on your Xero journey.

Benefits of Xero include:

Automatic bank reconciliation

Connect Xero to your bank account and get your bank statements imported and categorised automatically. Match statement lines from your bank account with transactions you create in Xero.

Get paid faster with online invoicing software

Improve cashflow and get paid quickly and easily when you send online invoices. You’ll have a better connection with your customers and know when they’ve opened your invoice.

See everything at a glance on the dashboard

Instantly see your bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims – and add new transactions with a click. See your cashflow in real-time and monitor specific accounts when you need to.

File storage in Xero for anytime access

Attach files and store invoices to bills in Xero.

Multi-currency accounting

Send invoices, reconcile accounts and get paid in over 160 different currencies. Foreign exchange rates are updated hourly, so you instantly know exactly how exchange gains and losses are affecting your cashflow.

Fast financial reporting

View and share interactive reports and budgets in real time with a single click – no more waiting for the end of the month. Complete your VAT returns in minutes, not hours. Easily drill into reports to get more detail.

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