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How to Switch to ero

We will happily guide you through the process of getting started on or switching to Xero.

What we will do

  • Review current bookkeeping software to determine cleanliness of data for one off conversion
  • If current data is clean (does not contain errors or use multi-currency) then will use the free Move my Books service to convert the data to a Xero format
  • If the data is not clean then we will extract the data from current bookkeeping to be manually imported into Xero
  • Agree your chart of accounts with your bookkeeping staff
  • Import customer and supplier contact details in Xero
  • Import customer and supplier opening balances
  • If your bank (Ulster, Danske, Bank Of Ireland 365, Santander, HSBC) provide bank feeds, we will help you set these up
  • If your business is retail, we will establish if your till systems can be connected to Xero and we will connect them if required

During the conversion process you should expect that your bookkeeping data will not be available for a period of up to 3 working days.

What you will do

  • Give us access to current bookkeeping software
  • Ensure that all banks and VAT returns are reconciled up to the intended date of conversion
  • Commit to ensuring that your bookkeeping staff go through the Xero Certification programme and to undertake further Xero training if required
  • Pay for the Xero subscription (starting at £30 VAT per month) depending of size and nature of business
  • Reconcile bank, customer and supplier balance from first day of new Xero accounting period