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HMRC to use Mr Bean film makers

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In a bizarre attempt to create positive PR for HMRC, Channel 4 has been given unprecedented access to HM Revenue and Customs as they pursue tax evaders and collect unpaid tax.

Tiger Aspect Productions, the production company behind Mr Bean, will be filming HMRC staff as they target the so-called high risk sectors: the building trade, health sector, off-shore bank account holders and high net worth individuals.

 No doubt HMRC are keen to improve their public image. The production company and Channel 4 are keen to examine the role of our tax collectors as the, perhaps, “unsung heroes” who endeavour to provide the money that pays for our public services.

 Nick Mirsky, Channel 4’s Head of Documentaries, said:

 “Money from taxation funds everything we value most about society, yet the team who collect it have often been viewed with mistrust and suspicion. What is exciting about this commission is that it offers unique access to a group of public servants on whom we are more dependent than ever to help make the nation's books balance.”

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