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Scaling Company Business Solution

From £699 + VAT / month for up to 20 staff

Grow your business with one of Northern Ireland’s leading digital accountants.

If you are a company owner, manager, or decision-maker seeking to outsource your accounting responsibilities to a team of professional online accountants, this package is tailored for you. It encompasses all the necessary services to handle in-house compliance obligations and reporting requirements effectively.

This service package is designed to accommodate the growth of your business. We will manage your accounting, bookkeeping and payroll needs, providing comprehensive support that can be scaled according to your budget and evolving requirements.

What’s included?

For a fixed monthly fee from £699 /month for 20 staff, you’ll receive:

Preparation of annual financial statements

We will prepare the annual accounts up to a turnover of £10million.

Quarterly management accounts report and monthly cash flow meeting

Your dedicated accountant will conduct a review meeting, analysing the management accounts, cash flow forecast and dashboard KPI analysis.

Attendance to all company secretarial matters

• This includes the preparation of the Confirmation Statement form CS01 and any other company secretarial requirements such as the preparation of dividend vouchers.

Monthly payroll for up to 30 staff

We will calculate and process monthly payroll for up to 30 staff, using convenient online payroll software and portals


Our services include bookkeeping, along with VAT Returns.

Ongoing telephone and online support

You can access continuous support from our team through phone, email, face to face meetings and video conferencing.

Who is this package designed for?

Companies whose turnover exceeds £1Million up to £10 Million.

Pricing is based on a company with a turnover of £5 million.

If your company is a different size, we’re happy to discuss other options.
This business solution is designed to deliver value to your business while providing peace of mind to you as the owner.

We guarantee high-quality, timely and professional work that comes at an affordable price.

With a fixed monthly subscription fee, you can make the most of our services throughout the year, knowing exactly what to expect and without any surprises.

Paperless document management and digital signing

You have the option to securely upload documents through our client document exchange portal Which will also allow you to digitally sign documents for a streamlined and efficient process

Access to online accounting software

We provide a premium Xero subscription, enabling you to effectively manage your business online. We also offer Xero introduction training, providing an overview of the benefits and features of this award-winning software.

*Note that this fee is based on a company with a turnover of £5 million. If your company is a different size, we’re happy to discuss our other services for startup companies and small businesses.

Why switch to Exchange Accountants?

Our guiding principle is “Let’s Grow Together,” emphasising our commitment to supporting you in achieving your business’s full potential. We are dedicated to assisting you in growing into a thriving enterprise by providing comprehensive services and guidance along the way.

If you feel that your current accountant is not meeting your needs and you desire an upgrade to a multi-skilled team, or if you seek enhanced support to transform into a digital office with reduced paperwork and increased access to expertise, we can assist you.

Your relationship with your accountant is crucial in business and we understand its significance. To determine if we are the right fit for you, we invite you to book a Consultation Call. During this call, we can discuss your requirements, assess your compatibility with our services and ensure that we meet your expectations.

We guarantee you will have a dedicated team, lead by a team Manager who is a qualified accountant who will lead and instruct your lead accountant, support staff, payroll technician, VAT and bookkeeping specialists.

Working with us will also give you access to your own online accounts package. We are Platinum Xero Partners and your dedicated support team are all Xero certified users.

Fixed Fees to Suit Your Business Size

  • Bookkeeping conversion from your existing software system to Xero online bookkeeping software for a fixed fee of £300+VAT
  • Xero Accounts Integration with EPOS and e-commerce from £200+VAT

Additional payroll support
  • If you have more than 30 staff we would be happy to provide a price on request

Additional accounting support
  • Quarterly management accounts are included as above, if you need monthly management accounts, this is an additional charge of £300 per month

Does the Scale-Up Online Offer suit your business?

If you are seeking a reliable and responsive team that is readily available to support you, this package is for you.

Many business owners choose to have an in-house bookkeeper or administrator to handle their day-to-day accounts while utilising the expertise of our professional team in Exchange Accountants to complement their skill set.

However, the level of hands-on bookkeeping required may vary depending on your business style. During your Consultation Call, you can directly discuss and assess this aspect with the Team Manager to determine the best approach for your specific requirements.

For this offer to be of the best value to you, your turnover will range between £1 – 5m per year. For smaller or larger businesses, we can arrange a fixed fee relative to your size of business.

Need to save on staff costs?

To have a reliable and efficient team, it is crucial to have easy access to financial expertise. Rather than employing multiple staff members with different skills and paying for them individually, our monthly subscription covers all your compliance and reporting needs, providing comprehensive support to your business. 

By opting for our services, you can ensure that you have a dependable team at your disposal, simplifying the process and streamlining your financial operations.

What can I expect?

Contact us to get started.

We will arrange a Consultation Call with one of our experienced accountants who will serve as the Team Manager for your dedicated support team. During this call, both you and your accountant will have the opportunity to discuss and understand your needs and preferences for the upcoming 12 months.

Upon deciding to proceed with our services, we will request some documentation to fulfil our client acceptance criteria. This will involve online ID verification and providing necessary company details. Once these requirements are met, we can proceed with finalising your registration and commencing our support services.